OSM Awards Winners

Priyanka Chopra OSM Movie Star of the Year

Her innovative use of SM to reach out to her fans surpasses all

Saina Nehwal OSM Sports Star of the Year

Been there for a long time, shares glimpses of her life with her fans . Is interactive

Amitabh Bachchan OSM Supernova of the Year

No bigger personality than him on social media. His presence on social media is since forever. Something his young colleagues can learn from

Ssumier S Pasricha OSM Humour King of the Year

IN a short span , tickled our funny bones in a way noone else could. Brillian use of SM

Scherezade Shroff OSM Fashionista of the Year

Fashion Tips for girls ? You cant get bigger that scherezade and her youtube channel

Shirley Setia OSM Musician of the Year

The tiny one with not so tiny dreams, discovered because of social media, now millions are grooving to her voice.

Shivesh Bhatia OSM Foodie of the Year

This young self taught baker knows how to bake yummy recepies for his followers to give them serious food goals.

Pankaj Bhadouria OSM Kitchen King of the Year

Established chef, uses social media to reach out, share and explore more recepies.

Ajay Sood OSM Shutterbug of the Year

Photographer, his followers are glued to their devices to check his work

Arvind Kejriwal OSM CM/Minster of the Year


Ashok Khemka OSM Bureaucrat of the Year


Mariellen Ward OSM Traveller of the Year

People follow her for serious travel goals.

Vijay Shekhar Sharma OSM Business Person of the Year

His use of sm is par excellence, his followers get a peek into this business persons brilliant mind

Happily Unmarried OSM New Age Brand of the Year

The way they have used SM is both hillarious and innovative. No other brand even came close to being as innovative

Collector Kohzikode / N. Prasanth OSM Maati Vani of the Year

The way he promotes his language is brilliant. All his post prove how much he loves his language

Twinkle Khanna OSM Inspiring Woman of the Year

Her tryst with social media has shown the world the humouros side of this actress who doesnt shy away from speaking her mind. Truly an inspiring woman.

Sidharth Suryanarayan and Balaji Patturaj OSM Inspiring Youth of the Year

Celebs use social media. Most use it to reach out to their fans. While they used to reach out to help people in duress.

Sushma Swaraj OSM Politician of the Year

People thank their stars that sushma swaraj is on twitter. You are stranded in a foreign land? You know who to reach out to!

Thomas Isaac OSM MLA of the Year


Ramchandra Guha OSM Public Intellectual of the Year


Maggi OSM Quick Response Team of the Year

They way maggi bounced back, is a case story in itself. They have used social media to tap in the emotions of people in real time.

Indian Railways OSM Public Service Department of the Year

Got a dirty compartment? One tweet and indian railway comes to your rescue.

Randeep Hooda OSM Good Samaritan of the Year

Jaat Agitations, this man pacified the crowd to calm the mob.

Nikhil Wagle OSM Journalist of the Year


Swiggy OSM Start-Up of the Year

Hungry? You know which app to use. Social media all the way,

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