How Viru bats on the Twitter playfield?

How Viru bats on the Twitter playfield?

Virender Sehwag has his own style of throwing the ball in the right corner with his witty social media updates. Our cricketer turned entertainer on Twitter scores a century each time he takes a funny pot-shot on someone. And Yes! How can we forget his unique way of wishing people on their birthdays. This one for Jacob O Ramji was extremely funny.

His sarcasm pointed towards Shobha De was just bang on, and thrilled not only his followers, but the entire Twiterrati.


This true sportsman is the first one to encourage and congratulate sports stars across the world, that do with the right dose of humour.

You have missed something if you have not noticed the undertone of pride and accomplishment in his tweets about the women of hiscountry.

But yes, when he pulled a fast one of one of our politicians, his fans did not appreciate it much

We are sure he is learning to mark his playfield well!

Which is you favorite tweet from Virender Sehwag?



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